October 13, 2015

Last night, I attended the Oddball Comedy Festival with HP. HP is currently traveling around the country at different fairs and festivals to set up their Sprout Truck Stops. Here, everyone can stop by, learn about Sprout and play with their new technology. At the Oddball Festival, I had a great time checking out the Truck Stop. As the Sprout expert reviewed all the fun aspects of the Sprout, I became so intrigued by the 3D scanning and printing, something I have been reading so much about. He showed me how to take an object and scan it in 3D. Once all angles and sides of the object are scanned, they have a Dremel 3D printer, which will print out the object. My mind was blown! How amazing is technology today! As a designer, there are an endless amount of uses for the Sprout and 3D printer at my job, from creating models of trims and buttons I want to use on certain clothing designs to even helping create molds for jewelry! More after the break…

Also, I want to let you know that HP has a great promotion going on for the month of October: You can save $200 on the Sprout computer and the Dremel 3D printer bundled. Us code “dremel200”.

Find out more about Sprout Truck Stops at

This post is sponsored by HP. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make my blog possible.

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