I love to dress up, but I feel most comfortable wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Comfort is key, especially when I'm on the go. Something I love to do to my t-shirts is to give it a fun, personal touch and making it my own. See some of my past t-shirt DIY's (here and here). Alternative Apparel is currently hosting a DIY T-Shirt contest. More details after the break...

 Alternative Apparel T-Shirt DIY Contest: Enter to win a $500 Gift Card + DIY feature on their blog.

1. Follow Alternative on Pinterest 
2. Create a Pinterest DIY board including at least one image from this DIY (here) or from Alternative’s DIY board
3. Fill out the form (HERE) including your Pinterest username, contact email and DIY board URL

This post is sponsored by Alternative Apparel.  Thank you for supporting the companies that help make my blog possible!


danielle ericsson said...

Great idea! Love it. Thanks for this summer t-shirt contest.
Tenancy Cleaners Wimbledon

jielian xu said...

The white T-shirt is simple but looks fashion.

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