Because I have very sensitive skin, I have long been a fan of mineral makeup. It's the only kind of makeup that doesn't irritate my skin or leave it feeling parched. One of my New Year resolutions has been to simplify in all aspects of my life from my wardrobe to my daily beauty routine. I wanted to really start thinking about what I put on my skin. So, when I was asked to try bareMineral's Complexion Rescue, a tinted hydrating gel cream, I was ecstatic. I've read so many great things about the brand, like how they use ingredients that are good for your skin and their products are formulated without oil, silicone or parabens. After trying it, I have noticed a drastic improvement in my skin's hydration and texture. Also, it's so easy to apply, using the Smoothing Face Brush for natural coverage. It instantly has become my go-to!! More info after the break...
Try Complexion Rescue (available Jan 22, 2015) and visit for more info.

 Complexion Rescue $29
 Smoothing Face Brush $28

 This post was sponsored by bareMinerals. Thank you for supporting the companies that help make my blog possible!!


Colleen said...

I have super sensitive skin too, but mineral make-up actually gives me hives! I think that using the brush irritates my skin too much. I use Skin79 BB cream and it's AMAZING! I am actually having a giveaway for it on my blog if you're interested!


stylemesamira said...

I have sensitive skin too, so I definitely have to check this out! PS love your home & its decor :)

Samira xx

Emma said...

So pretty love the new products!

Emma | With A City Dream

Kristen Emily said...

I love bare minerals. I always use their sunscreen mineral powder and its fab!

Lydia Holden said...

What a lovely dress you have!

carpet cleaning services Ashford

Himard said...

like you blog!

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