For my day job as a fashion designer, I have to prep for various meetings and presentations throughout the week. I love to go over my key notes and mood boards in the morning before getting into the office, while having a light breakfast and coffee. My go-to place is a cafe in the Arts District, literally 3 minutes from my home. Its beautiful outdoor ambiance puts me in a perfect mood to work. The HP Stream tablet with Intel Inside® is perfect for being on the go and has become my early morning companion while preparing for presentations. I no longer have to lug around my laptop, which can be cumbersome at times, since the HP Stream tablet with Intel Inside® has everything I need for work, yet is lightweight and compact. More after the break...
I was floored when I found out all of its built in capabilities. My favorite features of the HP Stream tablet with Intel Inside® include:
 1. Free 4G Data Plan right out of the box - This allows me to check and send emails, even when wifi is not available nearby.
2. 1TB of Free Cloud Storage for 1 year - This makes files from work very easily accessible! Such a life saver!
3. Free Office 365 for one year - This has been so helpful since I use Word and Excel on a daily basis.
4. Built-in Intel Inside processor - It has lightning fast performance from Intel, allowing me to open several files at a times without slowing everything down.

HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with Intel Inside®. Thank you to HP & Intel for helping make working from my happy place a daily ritual now!


Daphne Blunt said...

I am going to have to try this place!!!!



Tania Franco said...

Awesome! Lovely, have to check this out in person. Sounds amazing :))


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