Being a California girl, there is always a little touch of boho to my look. I have beach waves in my hair almost everyday of the year and am convinced that worn in black boots go with just about everything. My current favorite boho accessory is a silver statement necklace. Here I teach you how to make one yourself to add to any outfit for the perfect boho chic feel.
- silver statement necklace
- silver chain
- coin charms
- silver connectors
- silver jump rings
- e6000 adhesive
- 2 jewelry pliers
- scissors
- clear vinyl
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1.Glue the statement necklace to a piece of clear vinyl using the e6000 adhesive. 2. Glue a piece of the silver chain to the bottom edge of the necklace. Let fully dry. 3. Cut around the necklace with scissors. 4. Attach a coin charm to the connector with a jump ring. Then, connect the connector to the chain with a jump ring.
 5. Repeat step 4 (space out evenly), until you reach the end of the chain.

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Harriet Daisy Aspden said...

wow good job, that looks really lovely! Just noticed that you have made a few necklaces! I'm off to stalk those too! <3 Harriet

Pearl & Peach

Sherrie said...

So good Aimee!!

Aimee S. said...

Thank you love!

Aimee S. said...

Thank you dear! :)

Nat @ made in Home said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous!

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