I have been wearing eyeglasses since middle school.  I remember not being able to see the board well, and squinting in order to slightly make out what was written.  When I got my first pair of prescription eyeglasses, I felt like I was seeing the world clearly for the first time!  I love glasses! They are such a great accessory that can really play up your outfit and even your mood.  Have fun with them! I would suggest trying on a variety of different pairs in order to really discover what looks best on your face shape.  I am notorious for trying every pair on at the store.  I think my next ones will be this chic Rayban pair from

I thought this commercial was so touching!  I loved how the glasses were connected to all of the adventures she went on, as she saw the world.  So cute! It made me want to look through all my old photos and see all of the styles of eyeglasses I have gone through, throughout the years.  Really nostalgic!

Check out the wide selection of eyewear from here.

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