I think a great pair of wide leg pants is a must for every girl's wardrobe, especially for spring and summer. They are so chic, and if worn with the right pair of heels, they can make your legs like they go on for days. I am only 5'4", and I tend to wear wide leg pants that are high waisted to give the illusion that my legs are longer, and then pair them with very high heels. Stay tuned for my style photos in the next post! My favorite ways to style wide leg pants after the break...

  How to Wear Wide Leg Pants:

1. Love a high waisted pair with a tucked in short sleeve top.
2. Pairing them with a see through lace oversized tee gives it a feminine, yet casual feel.
3. Can't go wrong with wearing them with a long sleeve lace or striped top, that is tucked in or hits right above the waistband.
4.  For summer, I would definitely pair them with a cropped lace top.  Feminine, youthful and sexy!
5. For work, I love the idea of keeping it monochromatic, like all white or all black.  Then, accessorize with gold details and throw a moto jacket on top.

Photos via Pinterest


Anni's Bubble said...

I absolutely love these pants ! perfect for summer work looks transformed into a night look. thanks for sharing!

xoxo, Anni

Lenusik Velvetrose said...


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