I love the aroma that fills my house when brewing coffee at home. It wakes up all my senses and instantly puts me in a good mood. I have teamed up with Nespresso to share with everyone, their new VertuoLine portioned coffee machine, that brews both American style large-cup coffee and authentic espresso. My favorite new addition to this machine is that it brews a smooth large-cup coffee topped with a silky and generous crema. So delicious! I wanted to also share with everyone how to use your Nespresso VertuoLine to entertain in style for spring. I love to invite my friends over, gather around my dining table filled with delicious and beautiful treats, like tarts and macarons, and personally make everyone a dulce le leche coffee to pair with the sweets. Full recipe and tutorial after the break...
Ingredients: 1 capsule Elvazio or Melozio, 4 oz milk, 3 tbs dulce de leche caramel  
Spoon dulce de leche into your glass. Set aside.
Fill milk to latte line. Run the Aeroccino+ frother as normal on hot setting.
Immediately pour hot frothed milk over dulce de leche and stir to dissolve.
Brew Coffee into the glass. Enjoy!
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Corazón said...

I don't think I have ever seen a recipe that I am so excited to try. Without the Nespresso machine I will be making my own version tomorrow morning for sure (insert stove-stop espresso maker, and hand held milk frother). Dulce de Leche and espresso are passions of mine :) Hopefully it tastes just as good with soy milk though. Tomorrow I will know :)
Xoxo, Corazón

Aimee S. said...

Thanks love!! Such a great idea! I'm definitely trying rice or almond milk!

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