I love Celine's chic take on plaid, but with the high price point, it's hard to justify purchasing such a fashion forward piece. I played with a few ideas inspired by this collection, but this one was my favorite. Hope you enjoy this plaid clutch tutorial. Full steps after the break...
- plastic plaid bag
- scissors
- electrical tape
- 2 metal button studs
- large piece of paper (like wrapping or pattern paper)
- sewing needle and thread
- seam ripper

1. Using a seam ripper, remove the straps from the bag.
2.  Draw the pattern on a large piece of paper. Bottom edge width: 12", angled top edge width: 12.5", right edge height: 20.5", left edge height: 23". Then, cut out the pattern and tape it to the plaid plastic bag.
3. Cut out the pattern on the bag.
4.  Fold the straight bottom edge of the clutch, so it is 8.5".
5.  Using a needle and thread, sew up the left and right side of the clutch.
6. Then, add electrical tape to every edge of the clutch.
7.  Add the button studs.  See my past clutch tutorial on how to add the button studs: here.


Novella - said...

With a simple material (as the plastic bag), it is possible to create a super fashionable clutch ;)
A fashion & DIY blog...

daisy said...

your DIYs are always a favorite of mine. love this

& Pretty Things

heather said...

HA!!! This is awesome! Love that you turn a plastic un-chic bag into something so chic!


Rinchen @HIGHonDIY said...

Aimee, this is so clever! Turned out great <3

Eat.Style.Play said...

I thought about doing this with one of those bags! I was so shocked to see this print all over the place when this is a staple in my area for carrying our Dirty Clothes to the wash house. I really like this though, and using the tape is a great idea. Maybe I'll do mine with white tape.

lisacng @ said...

I love that you made this out of a grocery bag!

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