I have been so into pearls these past few weeks, that I created a second DIY. After seeing this Anthropologie ring, I was inspired to make a version of my own. I love that it is very reminiscent of the Dior earrings, but reinvented as a ring. I hope you enjoy! Full tutorial after the break...
- 2 sizes of pearls (here)
- gold wire (24 gauge)
- round nose pliers 
- wire cutter 
- toothpick
- e6000 adhesive 

1. Cut a piece of wire about 5" long. Make a loop at one end, using the round nose pliers.
2.  Add a dab of e6000 adhesive on the wire near the loop end.  Then, slide the pearl through to where the adhesive is.
3. Hold the pearl in place and let fully dry.
4. Wrap around your finger to measure the size of the ring.  Loop the 2nd pearl through the wire, add a dab of adhesive and let dry fully.  Create a loop using the round nose pliers, and cut excess wire.


Am. said...

This is just so simple and cute. Love it. x

Aimee said...

Thanks doll!!

Giulia said...

I absoultely have to try it, it's so delicate and chic! Thanks for inspiration and tutorial :)
Have a lovely day!

Dora said...

This is such a pretty diy! I would love a ring like that

Jade said...

Funny that you posted this, because I made a much larger double pearl ring after seeing your last ring DIY haha! I love it with the smaller pearls!

aini said...

it's amazing how you can always come up with the simplest yet most amazing DIYs like this <3 i can't wait to make one :)

Aney said...

You're so incredibly talented Aimee! Love this DIY!

Monika Jones said...

Such a cute and easy diy project! The pearl ring turned out really great! Love it!

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Mandy Crandell said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I've really been into pearls lately too. Must be something in the air. :)

Rachel said...

That's darling! So delicate and pretty. I would love to link to this in my next Jewelry Roundup if you didn't mind.

Vanessa said...

Adorable! You always have the cutest ideas :)

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