I feel like I am on an endless journey in search of the perfect products for my sensitive skin.  The last time I shared my favorites, so many people had such great advice and questions.  So in my quest and trial of different products, I thought I'd pop in every now and then to let you know about my current favorites. More about each product after the break...

1. Diptyque Candle in Roses: I know this isn't a product, but I am just so obsessed with it.  If you follow me on Instagram,you have seen that I almost always have fresh flowers in my home.  When I can't make it to the flower district, I light this up and place it in the middle of my living room, and am in pure bliss.  The smell is heavenly and the candle seems to last and last.  Love it!
2. Bioderma: I have been hesitant on buying makeup remover, because the last time I tried, it was very unsuccessful and left my skin dry and irritated.  I am currently only using this on my eyes and it works like a dream.  A little goes a long way and it seems to instantly break up all of my eye makeup from mascara to eye shadow and I haven't been irritated by it at all. I'm definitely a happy camper!
3.  Eau Thermale Avene (Thermal Spring Water): I love this product! It is just so refreshing when I spray it onto my skin.  Sometimes I just bring it with me on a hot day to cool me off and hydrate my skin.  I have also been using it to set my makeup.  I have read that it can calm irritated skin, which I haven't tried yet, but definitely will!


Dora said...

I love the Avene Eau Thermale. I like to put it on before I put my moisturizer on

Sherri said...

Diptyque candles are my fave too!

Coco said...

J'adore Avéne products! i have sensitive skin too... I've just come across your blog and I'm your newest follower via GFC, Bloglovin, and facebook (private id valeria a).
Hope some time you'll get the chance to visit my blog and maybe follow back :-)
With love,
Coco et La vie en rose
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charsd said...

Those flowers are pretty! I have really sensitive skin as well. Thanks for this post because I'm currently on the look out for new products :)


Marta P said...

Bioderma is my new found love!!!

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