There's something about drinking from a mason jar that makes it officially feel like summer.  Here is a summer drink that I often make for friends.  First, I buy a few different berries, or you can buy a frozen mixed berry bag.  Add them to your ice trays.  Then, fill them with drinking water.  If you want to create clear ice cubes (not foggy like mine above), you can boil purified water, then fill your ice cube trays.  I am going to buy this tray on my next trip to CB2.   Let them freeze overnight.  Then, when you are ready to serve, add a few into your mason jars and pour in some cold sparkling lemonade or limade.  As the ice melts, the drink will turn pink.  So pretty!!  And for a little more color and a pop of fun, you can add a striped straw. An instant hit! :)  What are your favorite summer drinks to serve?

Photo via SwellMayde Instagram


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