I am still in love with delicate rings, especially mixed with large ring bands, like these from ASOS. With so much leftover wire from my past DIY's (Love Ring and Bracelet), I decided to create one more wire ring. I loved the idea of a minimal diamond shape. Hope you all enjoy it! Full tutorial after the break.

- 22 to 24 gauge wire
- wire cutter
- flat nose pliers
- round nose pliers 
- pen
- paper

1. Draw a diamond shape. Try your best to make it symmetrical.
2. Cut about 8" of wire. Start by creating a small loop, using the round nose pliers on one end of the wire. Then, bend the wire in the shape of a diamond, using your drawing as a guide. Use the round nose pliers to create the corners.
3. Cut the loop (see photo).
4. String the remaining wire through the cut loop. Close the loop with the flat nose pliers.
5. Wrap the remaining wire around your finger, and attach it to the diamond with a small loop (the loop is created using the round nose pliers). Cut the excess wire with the wire cutter.


fang ting ashley said...

This is so simple and creative! Love the final product!

Fang Ting


Janice said...

This is so pretty! :)

Michelle Huynh said...

Oh! I absolutely love the diamond shape. I gotta try this out, although I have a funny feeling it won't turn out like a diamond haha.

Jana @333 Days Hand Lettering said...

Love the other bands too-so plain and simple. Where are they from?

Stella said...


Kresh said...

This has such a lovely and modern. Is there a way that you keep the wire from bending while you wear it?

I agree with Jana- those other bands look really elegant.

SJ said...

Love this tutorial! Great DIY!! Love the rings!

Aimee S. said...

Hi love! Thanks so much! They are from ASOS. The link is above. :)

Kiss & Make-up said...

Well done, nice DIY :-)

aini said...

super cute! and that's simple enough, i guess... i'm going to make one myself... :D

Adriana Contreras Esquivel said...

Lindo y sencillo.Gracias.Me encanta tu blog

Alan Abraham said...

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Ujiva Nelson said...

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