A few weeks ago, I hosted a DIY workshop with the lovely BRIKA team, for an intimate lunch with some of their makers and other creatives in LA. We made some fun and colorful rhinestone rope bracelets, perfect for the spring season. I wanted to take a moment to share the tutorial with everyone, here on the blog. Also, stay tuned on how to get your very own kit!!! More info on Wednesday. Full tutorial after the break...
(Outfit:  ASOS Swing Dress, ASOS Necklace, Madewell Bracelet, A&E Bracelet (old))

- rope
- embroidery floss
- rhinestone strand
- lobster clasp
- 2 end caps (to fit rope thickness)
- 2 jump rings
- e6000 adhesive
- scissors

1. Cut the rope to your wrist size.
2. Cut a piece of embroidery floss about 44 inches long. Tie one the embroidery floss to one end of the rope. Double knot.
3. Add a small dab of e6000 inside one of the end caps.
4. Insert the tied end of into the end cap.
5. Cut the rhinestone strand about 1” shorter than your rope length. Lay the rhinestone strand onto the rope and wrap the embroidery floss around each of the spacings between the rhinestones. Stop wrapping about 1/2" from the end, then double knot the embroidery floss onto the end of the rope. Cut the excess embroidery floss.
6. Add a dab of e6000 inside the 2nd end cap, and insert the rope end. Add one jump ring to this end cap. (For tips on the best way to open a jump ring, please check out this video)
7. Add a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other end cap.

Make several in variety of color combos to create a fun and playful arm party!!!


Anonymous said...

So fun!!! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! :)

Jen said...

Love It!!!

Floortje van Cooten said...

Love this!

Check out my J'adore give-away! X

Meghan said...

Oh, pretty!
P.S. love the necklace you are wearing!

mystrawberrynose said...

i like it so much! :D thank you for the tutorial!

Nancy Wong said...

these look great! I love how they turned out.


Kelly Miranda said...

Wow, loving the bracelets! Very pretty and so simple to create. I'm really into making homemade bracelets, and I just found this cool blog with various different jewelry ideas for DIY rhinestones!

Thanks for the tutorial! :)

lisacng @ said...

Super cute and so on-trend! Love your creativity!

swellmayde said...

Yay!! Thanks lovie!

swellmayde said...

Thank you dear!

swellmayde said...

You're welcome doll!! Glad you like it!

swellmayde said...

Thanks dear! :)

swellmayde said...

Oh how great! Thank you!! I love that site too!

swellmayde said...

Thanks babe! :)

Lauren Schab said...

obsessed with this diy.... trying it asap :)


Michelle H. said...

Ahh! This really makes me want to just spend an entire day making bracelets, haha.

Kate Bullock said...

Love this! Just wondering where you find your rope? I've searched a few websites, but nothing compares!

Gotham Polish said...

Ooo going to have to try this one too!!!

JamshidMousavinezhad said...

Where did you get your rings?? Very pretty.

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