Last month, I hosted my very first Instagram contest where I asked everyone to post DIY inspiration that they wanted me to create a tutorial for. There were so many amazing entries, from a studded leather bowtie to embellished sweaters and shoes. It was difficult to choose the winner, but in the end, I couldn't quite stop thinking about this beautiful hand chain that @KatBerry8 posted. I love how delicate it is and that it can become the standout piece in your outfit. Here's how to create it below...

- delicate chain
- beads
- thin beading wire
- lobster claw
- 4 small jump rings
- needle-nose pliers
- round-nose pliers
- wire cutter
- ruler/measuring tape

1. Cut several lengths of the delicate chain at 1 1/4", 1 3/4", 3", and 2 x 3 1/4".
2. Take the 3" chain and loop both ends onto a small jump ring. Also loop one end of the 1 1/4" chain. Close the jump ring with the needle-nose pliers. This creates the ring section.
3. Cut a piece of wire about 6" long. It is good to use a piece that is longer than needed, so that it is easier to handle. Loop the wire through the end of the 1 1/4" chain. Then, wrap the wire around the round nose plier, with one end of the wire about 1 1/2" long, like photo.
4. Stick one side of the round-nose pliers into the wire loop you just created. Then, take the shorter end of the wire and wrap around the loop you created (at least 2 times). Cut excess wire. This video is helpful to visualize (here).
5. String about 3/4" of beads through the longer end of the wire, then create a loop with the wire and round nose pliers (like prior). String the 1 3/4" chain into loop your created.
6. Stick one side on the round-nose pliers into the wire loop, to hold it in place. Take the loose end of the wire, and wrap around the loop (at least 2 times). Cut excess wire.
7. Add a small jump ring to the end of the 1 3/4" chain. Also, loop in one end of each 3 1/4" chain. Close the jump ring with the needle-nose pliers.
8. Add a small jump the end of one of the 3 1/4" chain. then, add a small jump ring and lobster claw to the end of the other 3 1/4" chain. This creates the bracelet section.

A big congrats to KatBerry8 on winning the hand chain.  Thank you to everyone who entered!  Next DIY Inspo contest coming soon!!!


Jen said...

Amazing!! Love it!

Bella Mosqueda said...

this looks so cute i love the black beads <3

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Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

So lovely! They look really sweet and elegant.

Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs said...

very pretty xx

truebluemeandyou said...

Love these pretty hand chains/panjas! Posted two photos of the finished hand chains and a link back to your blog on truebluemenandyou.

Chloe Moon said...

*Gasp* How beautiful!!! =)


Felicity said...

That's so pretty! x

honey my heart said...

this is so delicate and gorgeous. i really like the pop of coral beads.

Chelsea said...

Love it! looks really pretty

Amaris said...

Of course! I love all the DIY projects you have :) This is so pretty and it reminds me of a Jewelmint bracelet! How do you come up with your DIY projects?

Mikhaela Cherry said...

that hand piece looks gorgeous!

Sandra Lucia said...

This is incredibly amazing tutorial! Cant wait to make this bracelet over the weekend! I look forward to seeing what exciting DIY projects are in store for 2013!

Inspirareland said...

Love it! So cool and chic.

Eunice said...

LOVE! So delicate and unique :) Thanks for this DIY and can't wait for the next one!!

When will your next DIY event be?! :)

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