DIY Gift Idea | Beaded Tube Bracelet

I love this time of year and to continue this month's holiday theme, I have put together another DIY gift idea. My favorite handmade gift to give others is jewelry. Here, I show you how to make a beautiful and delicate beaded tube bracelet. The possibilities with color are endless. Use one color throughout or create a multi-colored design. Your loved ones will adore it! Full tutorial after the break...
Photobucket Photobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucket Materials:
- seed beads (here)
- gold tube (here)
 - fine beading wire (here)
- 2 crimps (here)
- 2 small jump rings
 - lobster claw (here)
- pliers
- scissors

1. Cut an 8" length of beading wire. At one end, loop through the crimp.
2. Clamp the crimp with the pliers and cut the excess.
3. Add a small jump ring and lobster claw to the looped end.
4. String beads through the wire. First seed beads, then the gold tube bead, then mirror the same length of seed beads once again. The amount of beads depends on your wrist size. Also, have fun with the bead design. Try a variety of colors.
5. Loop the other end of beading wire through a crimp and add a small jump ring. Then, clamp the crimp with pliers. And you're done! Easy peasy!


Yelle said...

Love this! When I ave more time after the holidays, I'm making this for myself! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...


Elle said...

can't wait to try this! Looks so easy! said...

This is the one thing I might think about making myself. Those little bracelets are adorable and can be a little pricey when you add all of them up. Thanks so much for sharing!

LottsandLots said...

These are so pretty and make such great gifts - I wish someone would make one for me!

Lotts x

Anonymous said...

hi great tutorial i will make this bracelet for this christmas but what size of seed beads did you used.

honey my heart said...

awesome bracelets! i really like how you mixed the beads in the orange/pink bracelet.

Jaimie said...

This is amazing! Such a cute idea! xo

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

These are so pretty! I saw similar ones at a store and they were over30 Euros. So redicolous!
Thanks for this :)

Chloe Moon said...

I've always wanted to get into beading...these are beautiful and there is so many varieties you can do!! I might have to try doing this for some last minute gifts! =)

Ergo - Blog

Laras Arum said...

i love this DIY.great idea..

Davina Wong said...

I love the idea of the tube with the beads! i have some extra gold tubes from another DIY i did with thread, but this one is more durable! i need to buy crimps and then i'm set! :D

Anon said...

The bracelet on the right in the top picture, with the blue and red string.

Is there a tutorial for that??


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