HOLIDAY DIY | Chalkboard Snowflake Gift Wrap

To continue this month's holiday theme, I have collaborated with Midori Ribbon to create a gift wrap DIY. Check out their amazing collection of specialty wrapping paper and ribbon (here). So many beauties! Below, I show you how to make a chalkboard DIY snowflake gift, an easy and adorable way to update any present.  Have fun! Full tutorial after the break...

Photobucket Materials: 
- Midori wrapping paper (here and here)
- Midori velvet ribbon 
- paper doily (here
- chalkboard paint (here)
- sticker paper (here)
- scissors 
- paintbrush 
- colored pencil 
- lid or cup
- clear tape 
- e6000 adhesive
 - baker's twine (here)
- chalk

1. Paint a square onto the sticker paper, using the chalkboard paint, a little larger that the solid white area of your paper doily.  Let fully dry.
2. Find a lid or cup that creates a circle that fits within the white solid area of the paper doily.  Then, trace around the lid/cup using a colored pencil.
3. Cut out the circle.
4. Stick the chalkboard circle onto the center of the doily.
5. Write a little message using chalk.
6. Wrap your present using your wrapping paper.
7. You can add a little fun with velvet ribbon.  Cut two lengths, 7" and 1 3/4".
8. For 7" piece, add a dab of e6000 at the end of the ribbon.
9. Glue the other side down, and hold in place for 30 seconds to lock in the glue, to create a circle.
10. Pinch the circle in the middle, wrap the smaller piece of velvet ribbon around the center, and glue in place. For the other gift, I added wrapped baker's twine several times around the height and width, then finished it with a bow.


Veva said...

Greai idea for christmas!



Anonymous said...

Love this!

Danette Dillon said...

Very neat idea and easy too. Thank you for sharing.

livlovelaugh said...

sooo cute! Im going to have to try this for my gift-wrapping this year!


Amanda {} said...

love it! they both turned out great!!!


Bella said...

Rad! Love how they turned out!

farragio said...

Great project! Can't wait to try.

anty-nudziarz said...

looks great!

cat said...

hi amy!

haven't connected with you in a while. don't know if you still remember me (i used to blog at but have since started a new blog your site is just getting more awesome!!! so inspired by you! wish i had more time to write/DIY. i'm mostly doing travel and food posts now but hopefully will be coming up with some cool xmas and jewelry DIY to post about soon. :)


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