DIY | Sequin Heart Elbow Patch

I recently looked into my closet and realized that I have more black and white striped tops than I remembered ever buying. I guess it's fine, since it really has become my uniform (here). But, so I don't have a constant "Doug" moment, I wanted to figure out a way to update them in a cute way. Thankfully, Pinterest provided great sources of inspiration. Here's how to add a sequin heart elbow patch to any top or sweater. Full tutorial after the break.
Photobucket Photobucket
- striped top (here
- 3 1/2 yds sequin trim (here
- liquid stitch (here
- scissors 
- copy paper 
- pencil 
1. Fold the copy paper in half. Draw half of a heart about 3 1/4" tall. 
2. Cut out the heart. 
3. Place the paper heart on top of the sleeve, where your elbow would land. This should be at the center of the sleeve, about 9 1/2" from the armhole seam. Add a thin line of liquid stitch around the paper heart. Then, remove the heart. 
4. Place the sequin trim on top of the liquid stitch. 
5. Continue adding a thin line liquid stitch and placing the sequin trim on top until the whole heart is filled with sequins. Repeat for the other sleeve.


Laura said...

Cute! Little effort - great effect :-)

Maite Pons said...

I like it, very original :)

Em said...

Love this idea so much, adds a bit of colour as well!

Veva said...

So lovely!
and very easy!
good DIY



Anonymous said...


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

love, love, love!!

Angie Mirasola said...

This is super cute!! I wonder how it would need to be washed? Hand wash?

Marie-Eve said...

Love it ! So doing this !
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Shana said...

Such a great idea. I am loving it!

Follow my new blog!

swellmayde said...

Thank you to everyone for the amazing comments! :)

Angie: Thanks love! Liquid stitch says that it is machine washable and dry clean safe. But I would dry clean the garment because of the sequins. Hope this helps.

AD+SH DIY Fashion Blog said...

Aw how cute is this, love it.
xx Tanya

honey my heart said...

so pretty and so simple. sequins + hearts are just perfection.

Kati said...

What a great idea!

Charlotte said...



Clara de Paris said...

Love the idea! It looks beautiful on a French Mariniere. Thank you for sharing!

startofadance said...

Definitely going to try this out! Amazing amazing!


Printingtextil Natasha said...

Fantastic! I have similar diy

kas said...

I love this so much! Im going to look for the liquid stitch and the sequins!

Gabrielle RoseBonniee said...

Sooo cute <3 Lovely photos ! Great post <3 :)

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