For work, the design team put together a concept room to visually represent the ideas we felt strong about for next year's back to school season. My contribution in collaboration with our team's graphic designer, Josh, were a few handmade arrows (here). I loved them so much I had to make a couple for my own home. The inspiration by Fredericks and Mae can be seen in my previous post. Full tutorial after the break...

- wooden dowel
- acrylic paint
- paintbrush
- 2 feathers
- e-6000 adhesive
- course sandpaper
- yarn

1. Paint stripes of various lengths and colors onto the dowel.
2. Wrap yarn at different sections to the dowel to add texture to the arrow.
3. Cut a feather on one side as shown. Then, cut the top and bottom of the feather at an angle. Tip: choose a feather that is straight and not too curved. Repeat for the second feather.
4. Add e6000 along the cut side of the feather.  Then, glue onto the top portion of the dowel. Do the same for the second feather.
5. To create a pointed tip, rub the bottom end of the dowel on the sandpaper until the the flat edge is pointed.


Veva said...

They are perfect!
good job!



Her Persona said...

very cool and colourful diy

Svetlana said...


AD+SH DIY Fashion Blog said...

These are so pretty. Love them. The colours look so cool all mixed together.

Fabienne said...

Hey! :) I'm currently working on a post showing my favorit diy blogs and your blog is one of them! I hope it's ok when I'm using your photos for it! If not I delete them immediately.

Greetings from Germany xx

Fabienne said...

Thank you! :)
Here's a link to the final post:

Bella said...

Completely adorable!

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