DIY | Chain Bracelet (Part 2)

I am loving thin, delicate jewelry. And as promised, I wanted to create a second chain bracelet tutorial (part one: here), with a delicate touch. These bracelets are great to add a mix of thin and thick bracelets to your arm party. Full tutorial after the break...

- thin chain
- bead cord/thin rope (here)
- lobster claw
- 2 small jump rings
- 2 metal cord tips (here)
- scissors
- pliers

1. Cut the thin chain to 1 1/2". You can make the bracelet with 3 small chains or just 1.
2. Cut 2 pieces of bead cord/thin rope to 6".
3. Fold the rope in half and loop through one end of your chain (or all three ends if making a 3 chain bracelet).
4. Take the ends of the rope and pass through the loop. Pull tightly.
5. Repeat for the other end of the chain.
6. Add a dab of glue to the inside of the cord tip.
7. Clamp the cord tip onto the rope. Cut off excess. Tip: Make sure to measure your wrist to know where to place the cord tips and how to much to cut off. Repeat for the other end of the bracelet.
8. Using pliers, add a jump ring to each cord tip. Add a lobster claw to one of the jump rings. 


Melanie Marie said...

I absolutely love these! I'm not a huge fan of the chunkier chain bracelets, so these are perfect because they're so delicate. So gonna try them...

Style to Stage

V. said...

These are so cute! :)

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Lici said...

I will try that one NOW! Like it that much... ;)
greets, lici

TheJourney said...

These are really pretty. And I also like Part 1 of the Chain Bracelet series. :)

Anonymous said...

lady, that is one cute bracelet. and that is a super adorable watch...where did you get it? :D

thedreameryblog said...

Dainty yet edgy, love these bracelets!

jen said...

Need to try this!

swellmayde said...

Thanks for all the amazing comments! 😊

Anonymous: It is vintage from a flea market.

Mandy Crandell said...

So pretty and delicate! These would be cute for date nights.

deadlyinlove said...

Gash, you're full of clever ideas all the time :)

ftashion said...

You just so good with coming up with simple but extremely cool DIYs!

Fang Ting

Mariana said...

looks so easy to make and so pretty!!
I will sure make one, two, maybe more. :)

so pretty.

House Of Gems said...

I will definitely try this method to create a chain bracelet for me and my sister, I love to do such kind of things at home.

kati said...



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