DIY | Alternative Apparel Message Bag (Studs & Pom Poms)

I am completely honored to collaborate with Alternative Apparel on DIY'ing their "Message Bag" (available here and here). They have partnered with activist beauty, Olivia Wilde, to design this convertible backpack/messenger for a charity. A portion of the sales will benefit the Academy of Peace and Justice, a secondary school in Haiti. A really awesome cause! I love that this bag promotes creativity, and if purchased in their Abbot Kinney location, they have an amazing DIY station, in which you can personalize your very own with many stud and bead options. I hope to stop by this weekend to add a few more fun touches!

- yarn (here)
- fork
- scissors
- Message Bag

1. Take one end of the yarn and insert it into the middle of the fork.
2. Begin wrapping the other end of the yarn until it creates a small bundle.
3. Cut a piece of yarn, about 8" long. Use the cut yarn to tie in the middle of the bundle. Double knot very tightly. Do not cut the leftover length.
4. Remove the yarn bundle from the fork and cut on the right and left side of the knot.
5. Cut any yarn that in uneven to create a more circular shape. Then, with the hanging yarn, you can tie the pompoms onto your bag. Choose a couple bright colors to create a fun combination of pompoms.

- drafting/masking tape (here)
- a variety of studs (here)
- Message Bag

1. Tape your guidelines for a 3" stripe on the flap of the bag.
2. Place your studs in between the guidelines, one at a time. Have fun and use a variety of different shapes and finishes.
3. On the inside of the flap, push the prongs of the the studs down to secure them to the bag.


honey my heart said...

love the studs and how you styled the different sizes. also, the pop of color and fun the poms provide is too good!

Rea Papathanasiou said...

beautiful bag! great idea! xx

V. said...

Great DIY!

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Elle said...


Prudence and Austere said...

I love the pattern you created with the studs! Great DIY.

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

so so fun... i love the pattern you used for the studs!

Mariana said...

great diy!! i love it.

p.s.: love your blog as well. :)

deadlyinlove said...

oh I loove pom poms, I have some ideas how to use it for my DIY :)

Veva said...

It looks great, like all the diy you do!
Thanks for your comment, because I love so much your blog, for me is one of the best DIY blog on the blogosphere!


Y además sombreros said...

Me has dado una idea buenísima,se lo voy a hacer a un bolso que tengo.
Un beso.

Madeleine said...

Fork pompoms! So clever!

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Wow! Your blog is amazing!
So many gorgeous ideas :)

fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]

Minna said...

Nice blog! I really like your style! :)

I'd be really happy if you visited my blog at and followed it - I'll follow you back of course. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

BR, Minna


Buttons Apart said...

Great DIT, really love the studding!

Sita & Radha xx

livlovelaugh said...

cooool, brilliant way to make pom poms!


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