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I have been pretty obsessed with stationary and notebooks lately, which led me to create this DIY for Unique SF and LA.  I wanted to share the easy to follow steps with everyone, especially if you couldn't make it out to one of the events.  Have fun playing with color and patterns!  Full tutorial after the break...

- 8 1/2" x 11" Patterned Paper (here)
- Colored/Patterned Tape (here and here)
- Baker's Twine (here)
- Hole Puncher 1/8" or 3/16" (here)
- Glue Stick (or Spray Adhesive)
- Scissors
- 8 1/2" x 11 Copy Paper and Cardstock
- Rubber Stamp (optional) (similar here)

1. Apply gluestick all over the cardstock.  You can also use spray adhesive (be sure to wear a dust mask over your mouth and nose and be a in well ventilated area).
2. Place your patterned paper on the glued cardstock (pattern side up).
3. I used about 8 pieces of copy paper per notebook.  Fold the copy paper and the patterned cardstock in half. For a clean, sharp crease, fold a couple pieces of paper at a time.
4. Add tape to the center of the folded patterned cardstock, as a fun detail.  Cut off excess.
5. Hole punch the folded copy paper and patterned cardstock on the crease, at the top and bottom edge.  Be sure to punch the holes at the same distance each time.  The holes must align.
6. Cut a piece of baker's twine to about 16".  From the inside of the notebook, string one end of the twine through bottom holes.  Then, string the other end of the twine through the top holes.
7. Tie a knot and bow on the outside of the notebook.
8. (Optional) Apply a stamp for a finishing touch!  And you're done! :)


Federica said...

sure I'll try, I love it!


· said...
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Teardrops Are Falling said...

So easy and cute, love it!


Teardrops Are Falling

Mandy Crandell said...

Super cute! Definitely need to try this. And that stamp is awesome!

Rotating My Crops said...

Adorable! I've been looking for more ways to upcycle security envelopes (inside patterns)...thank you!

Veva said...

Great Idea!!


Meghan Elizabeth said...

loving the little stamp on the back!

The Flight of Fancy

honey my heart said...

this diy is awesome! love how you can design and personalize a journal so easily.

Antonia said...

You are hands down the best. While others mimic items (hey, I'm all for that too!) YOU, however, see something, think up an idea and bring it to life. With a personal touch. What you do is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

love! great job!

Elle said...

Lovely idea! :)

Fey said...

Lovely! I've done the same with fashion magazine pictures :) I used it as my creativity book.

Beth said...

Those are really cute. I like making notebooks too. :)

행복해요? said...

i love it! I'll definitely be doing this before i go back to school :)

Marta Díaz González said...

uooo! Me encanta la idea! A demás tengo un montón de hojas impresas para reutilizar y siempre le pongo una grapa... jajaja esta idea me gusta más! :P

Besitos ^^,

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