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I love discovering new crafts! When I was approached to try out a new product by Ink Effects, I was instantly intrigued. A fabric transfer ink? After working with it on this project, I can attest that it is pretty amazing. I have been wanting to create a tutorial on mirrored florals since I saw Stella McCartney's Resort collection (here), but have been unsuccessful at getting a clean mirrored look. Now with Ink Effects, this floral trend is easy to replicate. Full tutorial after the break...

 (Inspiration Via FGR)

Ink Effects Fabric Transfer Ink
- Ink Effects Basecoat for fabric cotton/cotton blend fabrics
- White Shorts
- Paintbrush
- White Standard Copy Paper
- Iron / Ironing Board
- Scissors

1. Measure the length of your shorts (from the bottom of the waistband to the hem).  Then, draw your design, by hand or on the computer, with this length (I made mine 5 1/2" in width). A tip is to trace floral designs that you like online. If you drew your design by hand, scan it into the computer. Then, mirror the image on Adobe Photoshop. Print out 2 copies of your design and 2 mirrored copies of your design on white copy paper.
2.  Cut out your design and paint, using the fabric transfer ink.  Do the same for all 4 copies. Let fully dry.
3. If your shorts are made of cotton or a cotton blend, spray a light coat of the basecoat. Let fully dry.  This is not needed on synthetic fabrics. 
4. Place your painted designs (paint side down) onto your shorts.  Start with the front side of your shorts.  Place another sheet of copy paper onto your design, to protect the fabric.  Then, with a firm press, iron over your design for about 60 seconds.  Remember to keep the iron in motion to ensure an even transfer and do not use steam.  Repeat for the back side of the shorts.

This is a sponsored post by Deco Art and Blueprint Social, written by me.
NOTE: Deco Art's Ink Effects will soon be available at Joann's Fabrics.

For more info on Deco Art's Ink Effects: 
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Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Nice job lady - looking good!

Théa Unknown said...

Stunning DIY!

Théa Unknown

Mona-Lena said...


Joana Sá said...

Love love love this diy

Kiss kiss.*Jo

Lici said...

Well done! A beautiful pattern meets a georgous colour... ;)

Veva said...

Great DIY!


Messy said...

omg! fab idea!!! Good one Pretty Lady!

Michelleesque said...

Holy moly! That's definitely something worth trying!


Erin @ Thanks, I Made It said...

sLookin' good! Love your take on Stella!

Lia {Smart n Snazzy} said...

Great job! I love how well these turned out!
Smart n Snazzy

charsd said...

That's such a cute pattern! I used to make stencils but those ink effects fabric transfers look much nicer and wayyy easier!


Mangotatoes said...

You always knock it out of the ball park! I love this diy, I need to definitely try it this summer!


Lauren Williams said...

Love the shorts! Great DIY!


Steffani-Louise said...

this look amazing! cannot wait to try it... xx

truebluemeandyou said...

Hi, love these shorts. Just FYI I've clicked through both links to the ink and it's broken (or at least it's broken for me).

nororre said...

amazing DIY
je vais essayer de le faire!!


Amanda {} said...

Aimee....the print on those white shorts is GORGE!! love what you did here!!!

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Steffys Pros and Cons said...

youre so creative!

Steffys Pros and Cons

honey my heart said...

great diy! the shorts turned out so well and with the steps, it looks simple enough to try out.

Kendyl Leuck said...

This is so creative!! Your shorts turned out fantastic!

<3 Kendyl

Prudence and Austere said...

This is one of the best DIY projects I have seen in awhile. You did an amazing job at recreating this trend.

Juley said...

This is so great Aimee! I really can't DIY to save my life. Hopefully get to visit you sometime this year so I can get a lesson. Great job! <3 Juley

Second Hand Rose said...

Wow this is absolutely amazing! Definitely going to try this, I love the colour you've used! XxxX

funkytime said...

love your inspiration and how it turned out perfectly!

Federica R. said...

so creative! thanks!

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