DIY | Dip Dye Ombre Ballet Flats

Ombre has definitely become one of my favorite trends of the season and when I discover a new iteration of it, I get really excited and have to emulate it. For this DIY, I was inspired by these beautiful dip dyed ballet flats from Anthropologie. Here's how to create your own...

- ballet flats (mine are poly satin and faux suede from H&M, but works best with natural fabrics like suede and cotton) (similar here)
- RIT liquid dye ( purple, fuschia, and teal)
- measuring spoons
- gloves

1. Create your dye baths. First, boil water. You will need about 4 liters.  For the fuschia dye bath, pour about 1 1/4 liters of water, along with 3 tablespoons of salt into a container. Then, add about 3 tablespoons of fuschia RIT dye. For the purple dye bath, pour about 1 1/4 liters of water, along with 3 tablespoons of salt into a container.  Then, add about 2 tablespoons of fuschia RIT dye and 3 tablespoons  purple RIT dye.  After, for the teal dye bath, pour about 1 1/4 liters of water, along with 3 tablespoons of salt into a container.  Then, add about 3 tablespoons of teal.
2.  If your ballet flat has a bow, you can tape it to the inside to prevent it from dying. Then for the fuschia/pink ballet flat version, quickly dip the front end of the flat into the fuschia dye bath. Then dip only about 1" into the dye bath for a couple minutes, so the tip of the flat is richer in color. Let this dry. For the purple/teal ballet flat version, quickly dip the front end of the flat into the purple dye. Then dip only about 1" into the dye bath for a couple minutes, so the tip of the flat is richer in color.  
3.  To finish up the purple/teal version, paint on the teal dye with the sponge brush.  Leave a gap of about 1 1/2" unpainted.  
4. Afterwards, run the sponge brush under water until fully clean. Then, paint on water at the edge to smoothen the ombre. Let fully dry.


Lauren Williams said...

These are so adorable, I love the dip dye trend!


runawayfromtrouble said...

very effective! will try xXx

Her Persona said...

so clever, loving the colours

Francesca MyStrawberryNose said...

Amazing!!!! I hope i do it as soon as possible!!! :D Great!

Second Hand Rose said...

Wow these look amazing, I can't believe you dip dyed these yourself! How do you make sure the dye doesn't come off in the rain? XxxX

Erin @ Thanks, I Made It said...

really cute and creative!

Mandy Crandell said...

They're so dreamy!

Dianne Tho said...

uau, greaaaat diy, lvoe it
i'm gonna do it

The YelloW BalconEY said...

What a good idea! Perfect color for the summer ;) You always suggest so great DIY project. I would like to inform you that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Congratulations ;)

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

LOVE!!! These came out so well.

Steph said...

great idea! they look wonderful :)

Follow me but shut up... said...

so cute, love it...

.AD + SH. diy blog said...

they look amazing!!!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

what a fun diy! it reminds me of dying easter eggs :)

Steffys Pros and Cons

Michelleesque said...

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely an amazing idea! :) I love this DIY!


Eunice said...

Love it!! :) Such a great way to create unique ballet flats! No two are ever the same :)

tara said...

I am obsessed with this DIY! I am definitely going to have to try it!


Roxanne said...

Love these!!

Collections said...

This is wonderful.

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Prudence and Austere said...

Another great DIY. I'm now very dissapointed that I didn't buy the ballet flats I was looking at yesterday.

Kristen said...

These turned out great! I just tried a diy ombre blazer this past weeekend and it didn't turn out as great as I would have liked, but this makes me want to do more!

Amanda {} said...

SERIOUSLY turned out SO great!! I have the pink pair! looove the color combo with the blue and purple!! so preeetty!


Mercedes said...

i love these! great way to incorporate a trend without going over the top.

Kendyl Leuck said...

Your shoes turned out amazing!

<3 Kendyl

Halktan Biri said...


Alison said...

so beautiful, i want to make some like these!

Aini said...

this is brilliant! it looks even better then the original version! thank you so much for the tutorial. i can't wait to make one :D

Alyson said...

Genius + gorgeous!! Visiting from Stripes and Sequins... so glad she shared your post/blog! Happy weekend.

Neysa Bové said...

AWESOME DIY! they look so cute & pretty! xxo -nb

Laura said...

They are so cute! :)

Laura xo

Amanda Marzolini TheFashionAmy said...

Fatastic idea darling!!!
i love discovering this fashion customuzation suggestion!!! su cute!!!
kiss, amy


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, this is seriously such a pretty DIY. Although just going by your pictures, I'm probably much too un-crafty to figure it out, haha. You're a DIY genius though, Aimee!


Jeline said...

This is such a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for sharing this to us. Definitely doing these to my old flats soon!!!

Jeline of The Damsel in a Dress

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

Loiusa said...

Can I trust Amazon if i wanna buy those rit liquid ?? I'm really afraid to buy from them btw

Justine Braida said...

So beautiful !

Pam Sayle said...

iv bought a lot from amazon never had any problems

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Polarbearness said...

will the rit dye wash off? (((((:

naseya10 said...

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