Celebrate National PDA Day with NIVEA

(Photo via my Instagram: @SwellMayde)

Today, June 20, 2012 is National PDA Day. As a blogger, I am sometimes guilty of holding my iPhone and laptop more than my loved one. Nivea is introducing this day for each of us to take a moment, slow down our fast paced lifestyles, and enjoy each other's company again. This is such a beautiful concept. It really has inspired me to make a better effort to spend more time outdoors, celebrate the power of touch, and encourage a little more PDA in my life. 

 What better way to kick off the summer and National PDA Day than with an amazing event! Today, 8am - 11am in Herald Square, New York, NY and at The Grove in LA from 5:30-8:30pm, Nivea will treat you and your love with a special date, hosted by Wendy Williams, appearances by Bill & Giuiliana, musical serenade by Ne-Yo, photo booths, free swag and more. Hope to see you at The Grove!! Additional info and cities (here).

\\ This post is sponsored by Nivea, written by me. \\


Jen said...

Ne-Yo?!? What an awesome event!!

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