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Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!! It's back to my regularly scheduled program here on the blog... after spending some quality time with my family and friends. Earlier this month, I asked you all to vote on my next diy (here). The awesome braided bracelet by Honorine Jewels was the winner. The full tutorial after the jump...
- Embroidery Floss (3 different colors)
- Scissors
- Beads

1. Cut 6 pieces of embroidery floss at 16" long.
2. String your choice of beads through the embroidery floss. Place in the middle.
3. Wrap the second color of embroidery floss around, about 3/8" long (knot at the beginning and end of the wrapped section).  
4. Wrap the third color around, about 1/4" long (knot at the beginning and end of the wrapped section).
5. Braid the leftover embroidery floss, about 3 1/4" long.
6. Cut 6 pieces of embroidery floss (main color), about 3" long. Lay under the braided end, like photo.
7. Knot cut pieces onto the braid.
8. Trim ends to an even desired length.
9. Wrap second and third color embroidery floss around the ends (knot at the beginning and end of the wrapped section). And voila... a swell done braided bracelet!

Note: I also created a second version (see yellow bracelet)... you can achieve this look with 27 cut pieces for the center braids, and 9 for the thinner braids at the ends.

Thanks again for participating in my first reader's choice... many more to come!


elle said...

love seeing your take on this! really beautiful work!

Sasha said...

This is seariously AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing!
Merry Christmas! :)

Her Persona said...

love it, so boho

Amanda Nguyen said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! and as always...easy to make!! thanks for sharing this love! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


minkmade said...

These look so fun, have to try!

Allison Young said...

so cute and it doesn't seem too difficult to make.

Mangotatoes said...

wow these look really professional! It's definitely a different and modern (not to mention adult) twist on the threaded bracelets from when we were kids ;]


The Aquarians said...

The little wraps around the tassel ends really make this beautiful. Gotta love embroidery thread and its multitude of projects!

Jessica said...

this is so awesome thanks for sharing! Your blog is great!!

Mandy Crandell said...

These are so adorable!!!

Ellen H. said...

Ahhhh too cute! Love your DIYs as usual :)


Anonymous said...

so pretty!! love it!!

deadlyinlove said...

Thanks for finally sharing! lets get to work

Joana Sá said...

Hi dear
So cute, love it

Kiss kiss.*Jo

taliena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
taliena said...

Oh wow, super creative! This looks like a lot of skill is needed, haha.
How do you keep the red string intact? By binding it with the shimmery gold string?

Bonnie said...

These bracelets are really, really pretty!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

ftashion said...

Hello! This looks like a really great idea as a gift for friends. Ohh I also like to know how you secure the red and gold threads after we are done with winding them round the blue ones. =D

Hey it's has been really inspiring and fun following all your DIY projects! Looking forward to all your posts in the new year. Happy 2012!

Fang Ting

JLR22 said...

Hi, I voted for the bracelet so thank you! I was doing a google search image for something else and found that a Korean site (I think it's Korean) has posted this and thousands of other tutorials in their entirety. Thought you should know - I would.

swellmayde said...

Hi friends!! Thanks for everyone's sweet comments and interest in this project. There have been a few questions as to how to wrap the embroidery floss onto the bracelet. I forgot to mention to double knot when starting and finishing the wrapped section. :) Let me know if you need any further clarification.

- Aimee

Anonymous said...

Ooo how fun!!!! i LOVE.

gold bracelets for women said...

This could be the best gift for a friend.But i wonder how secure the red and gold threads after we are done with winding them round the blue ones.

Rae said...

I have a question what kind and size of beads should i get
i have bought 5 different beads but they all have ended up all too small and i would like to finish the project that i started over a week ago in stead of just scraping it, because i put so much money into it already.

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