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Thank you to Starved Mag for the feature. I feel humbled and grateful.

"For me, art is so many things. It can be a beautifully directed film, a poetic dance, or even my favorite song. It is an outlet to express yourself creatively."

-Aimee Santos

Aimee Santos… Just her name sounds so damn cool. Just about as cool as all the amazing pieces she makes from simple materials. On Aimee’s blog, SwellMayde, she shares many unique DIY Projects that we believe are absolutely amazing. C’mon where else can you learn how to make cell phone cases?? We all know Otterbox isn’t making tutorials any time soon. Yep, we definitely appreciate her creativity and we love that she decided to share her brain cells with the rest of us who aren’t willing to shell out the American Apparel dollars for simple cut-off shorts. With mind-blowing techniques and a great personality, Aimee Santos is an inspiration for us all to use our noggins and embrace our creativity. Keep reading for more about why we she is our November DIY Savior and check out one of her exclusive DIY Projects from SwellMayde.

You come up with some fantastic wardrobe pieces, What inspires your creations?

I think the best inspiration finds me… like a happy accident. I tend to be inspired by everything around me, but I love going to flea markets and carefully analyze vintage pieces.

We noticed you recently graduated from fashion school(Good Job!!) What sparked your initial interest in fashion?

I gravitated toward the idea of designing something that affects people’s everyday life. A beautifully designed piece in my wardrobe can really uplift my whole mood, and I love that about fashion.

What made you decide to share your creativity with the world?

I was talking to a friend about something I had made, and she responded saying, “I’m not creative. I could never make that.” This broke my heart, and it inspired me to start SwellMayde. The blog is about embracing your own creativity, finding inspiration in the world around you, and bringing it to reality with your own two hands. There’s something so wonderful about making something yourself, and knowing it is truly one of a kind.

We all have that one piece that we wear that makes us feel like we’re the biggest thing since Facebook. What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

Right now, my DIY Pom Pom Straw Hat is on heavy rotation. It adds that little quirkiness to every outfit.

How do you define art?

For me, art is so many things. It can be a beautifully directed film, a poetic dance, or even my favorite song. It is an outlet to express yourself creatively.


Amanda Nguyen said...

how fabulous!! awesome interview!

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Nef 'n Nat said...

congrats girl !! x

Cait said...

But they cut the pom pom on your hat out of the image! sigh. I love love love your site. Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity and how-tos with the rest of us!

Anisa Young said...

Amazing interview! Your personality comes out so well through your words. xxAnisa

Anonymous said...

really great article aimee!

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