DIY temporary jewelry tattoo

Find SwellMayde Jewelry Tattoo Image (Here)
(SwellMayde © 2011 : Do not use for resale. Only for personal use.)

Find temporary tattoo paper (Here)

I have always wanted a tattoo… a piece of permanent art on my skin. When I found temporary tattoo paper online, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to test the waters and play around with a variety of designs. For this d.i.y. project, I used photoshop to create a couple delicate jewelry tattoos… that I think blend so beautifully when worn with other bracelets and rings. I’m definitely going to continue using these!!!

What are some of your tattoo inspirations?

- try a simple design first
- carefully and slowly peel off design to prevent ripping
- ask for help when placing onto skin
- choose an area on your body that you do not bend, otherwise may cause unwanted creases and wrinkles
- avoid contact with liquids, lasts until gets wet
- do not wrap around finger, wrist, etc too tightly... may cause tearing as worn


Kathleen said...

you are seriously amazing girl. i LOOOVE this idea. ive always wanted to try out temporary tattoos!! and wow, this one is simple but so chic at the same time. eek, cant wait to try this first thing tmro ;).

<3, Kathleen.

her persona said...


Go-Ez*Tami said...

what an excellent idea :D

Lindsay said...

I want to borrow your creative brain! This is so cool! I love the cross on the finger. I have been itching to get another one soon (permanent) but maybe I should try this out first ;)

 Delighted Momma

Michelleesque said...

Oh man, the things I would print out and stick on people who are sleeping! Just kidding!

Thanks for sharing this idea. I love it! :)

Kate S. said...

Love Love Love this. Way cheaper than Chanel :P


Nicole Richie Anonymous said...

Love this. I had no idea that you could buy temporary tattoo paper. Thanks for sharing xx

Pich and Roor said...

Wow that's wonderful !! I really love the delicate one around your wrist, it's just the right amount of simplicity but still has an edge!

Jen said...

love this! must try!!!!

My Creationary said...

You have the most awesome ideas!

Aina said...

I just came across your blog and i love it!

Keep up the great work!



chelseasgirl said...

love this DIY. Love your blog, you really have some great projects on here. Very inspiring.


Nic said...

wowwzaaa!! This is so unique! I've never seen any other diy blogger make this! You definitely have one of the best blogs for diys!

keep visiting my blog! It missess you :)

Concerned for your health said...

Everyone, please carefully consider putting INKJET INK onto your skin.

Sharpies will give you a rash if you put too much of it on your skin.
i caution you not to do this

Beth Steffaniak said...

Do you know where to get the cheapest deals on tattoo paper? I've looked everywhere and Amazon looks like the cheapest, but I'd love to find a wholesaler to buy them direct. Thanks!

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