Last week, I sat down at my desk and took a moment to write down my bucket list. The first thing that came to mind was to travel more. I have been really fortunate to be able to travel quite a bit for work this past year. I love to experience new cultures, try new foods and absorb new cities. It’s a great way to re-energize myself and to become re-inspired for both my daily life and for my job as a designer. LAX is one of my favorite airports, and the one I go to the most. I was excited to hear about the current updates and renovations. LAX is Happening – both through modern improvements and potential construction impacts. Their plan is to create the next world-class airport. I stopped by the new Tom Bradley Terminal on my last visit and was amazed to see what they’ve already finished. I used to lament at the airport food selection, but now I make an effort to arrive early to be able to grab a bite at some of my favorite LA eateries at the airport. These include Lemonade, Umami and Chaya Brasserie, and I love that I can grab a coffee at Coffee Bean or Starbucks and a quick froyo at Pinkberry before my flight. Other great updates to LAX are the complimentary Wifi and added charging stations! This is quite life changing, especially when I arrive early and want to take a moment to squeeze in a little work and answer emails. Also, I wanted to mention the amazing shopping! They have everything from high end retailers like GUCCI and BVLGARI, to great places to pick up last minute things you may have forgotten for your trip like Travel + Leisure and iStore. LAX is definitely happening! More LAX travel tips after the break…


I am so excited that the holiday season is right around the corner. I spend so much of my time working, that the holidays become my time to relax and spend time with friends and family. Last year, I was a last minute shopper and could not go through that again. When I visited Camarillo Premium Outlets, I came across so many great stores with amazing deals, that I started my holiday shopping early.


Every year, I try to refine my style and define what are the essentials in my wardrobe. I’ve come to realize that the key items that I reach out for on a daily basis are a button down shirt, a perfect pair of denim jeans/shorts, a leather jacket and a great watch. My current go-to watch is the Perfect BF Watch by Fossil. I love because it has masculine details, but also has a feminine touch with the dark mother-of-pearl face and rose gold accents. It pairs so well with all the looks I need for the week, from outfits for work to running errands on the weekend. Because it is such a versatile and beautiful watch, it is definitely something I will be gifting to my family and friends this holiday season. They are going to love it!!


With having a full time job, along with running my blog, I feel like I’m always on the go. My weekend workout style has to accommodate and be very versatile.  The CALIA by Carrie Underwood line is great because it can easily take me from a morning workout class to joining my girlfriends for brunch to running errands around town. I love that the pieces are so comfortable and on trend that I can wear them all throughout the day.  More after the break...


Last night, I attended the Oddball Comedy Festival with HP. HP is currently traveling around the country at different fairs and festivals to set up their Sprout Truck Stops. Here, everyone can stop by, learn about Sprout and play with their new technology. At the Oddball Festival, I had a great time checking out the Truck Stop. As the Sprout expert reviewed all the fun aspects of the Sprout, I became so intrigued by the 3D scanning and printing, something I have been reading so much about. He showed me how to take an object and scan it in 3D. Once all angles and sides of the object are scanned, they have a Dremel 3D printer, which will print out the object. My mind was blown! How amazing is technology today! As a designer, there are an endless amount of uses for the Sprout and 3D printer at my job, from creating models of trims and buttons I want to use on certain clothing designs to even helping create molds for jewelry! More after the break...
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